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fall Immersion experience
september 28-30, 2023

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We’ve got a thing for information technology!

It’s smart, fun, and totally crush-worthy. IT touches every aspect of our lives: social networks, smart phones, web design, robotics, healthcare, game development, you name it. With the right skills, IT can take your career anywhere you want to go.

According to the US Deparment of Labor BLS, overall employment in computer and information technology occupations is projected to grow 15 percent from 2021 to 2031, much faster than the average for all occupations; this increase is expected to result in about 682,800 new jobs over the decade. However, nearly two-thirds of these jobs could go unfilled because there are not enough college graduates with computing-related degrees. Furthermore, the median annual wage for this group was $97,430 in May 2021, which was higher than the median annual wage for all occupations of $45,760.

CodeCrush is a series of iSTEM immersion experiences for 8th and 9th grade participants, and their teachers, designed to show them the innovative world of Computing and Information Technology (IT). The program’s goal is to inspire students and their teachers to take a deeper look at IT through hands-on experiences with traditional computer science topics and emerging IT areas such as bioinformatics, data analytics, data visualization, simulation, IT innovation, music technology and cybersecurity. Launched in 2014 by Dr. Deepak Khazanchi using grant funding, this program has served more than 500 students and their teachers over the years. The program is fully supported by private grants and donations.

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CodeCrush is ensuring that IT works to be the most innovative industry it can while empowering an entire community to be advocates for comprehensive computer science education


We know diversity helps teams be better. CodeCrush works to bring more diversity to the IT landscape and empower everyone to close the IT gender gap.


When all voices are at the table, teams are more innovative, ask more questions, and produce better products that answer these questions.

I loved the environment that I was in. At school there are different social groups, but at CodeCrush you weren’t in a social group and there were no “popular kids” or “nerdy kids.” We were all the same. I also liked how we were exposed to many different aspects of technology and coding. I liked how we got to go out in the community and go to different businesses. I really liked Flywheel because of how friendly they were and how they seemed like a whole. - Student
[Afterwards,] I spoke with my administration about coding and the importance of getting that experience into our curriculum. We are working on some things for junior high right now and I think they appreciate hearing how "big" technology is in the workplace and the fascinating things that are being done. - Teacher

become a code crusher and change the world!

Our vision is to inspire students at an early age and their teacher mentors to take a deeper look at IT through hands-on experiences with emerging IT fields.

Students and teachers get to experience Omaha through our eyes: checking out the IT departments of global corporations, meeting professionals who are engaged in IT, visiting the behind-the-scenes of local attractions and even going to a Maverick hockey game. The days will be packed with dinners with CodeCrush Alumni, IT students, staff, and faculty, panel discussions with professionals in the field, as well as field trips to local employers.