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Summer Summit 2019

June 12 - 13, 2019

Maybe you’re a girl in high school, who’s really interested in technology. Or perhaps you’re working in IT and want to learn more about how to diversify the workforce. Or, maybe you’re an educator and want to know how you can encourage more girls to pursue IT.

Sound like you? Then, the Summit was made just for you.

CodeCrush is excited to invite you to our annual Summer Summit. We’re bringing together the energetic community that is fighting to diversify the IT workforce, and celebrate each other. We’re bringing in national speakers, local heros and a big community of people who all are working towards making technology.

Common Questions

What does it cost?

Are you a student in high school or an educator? Then, CodeCrush is free! All others, we're just asking for $55 registration fee.

What are the program dates?

Summer 2019 dates will be announced next year!


The 2018 Summit was held at The Mastercraft

How many spots?


How do I register?

Are you a business/community member interested in sponsorship and securing a full or half table? Check out your options.


We're celebrating the amazing community that supports women in IT. Whether you're a past applicant or participant of CodeCrush, an educator, a high schooler interested in IT, or a business or individual supporting our efforts - we'd love to see you there!

Students must meet the following criteria:

•Obtain parental/guardian consent for participation

•Be able to provide their own reliable transportation to Summit location.

•Students and teachers do not need to attend together. Only attendees from outside the Omaha metro will have an overnight room available to them. For attendees from outside Omaha staying with us, we'll be staying at the Scott Residence Halls located at the University of Nebraska at Omaha Scott Campus.

We welcome all students with an interest in IT.

Agenda - Summer 2018


6:00 PM

Check In at The Mastercraft

6:30 PM

Welcome Reception/Dinner

7:00 PM

Evening Keynote Speaker
Holly Rollins Booz, Allen Hamilton


9:15 AM


9:30 AM

Keynote Speaker

Jessica Zhang, Slack

10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Breakout Sessions

Session 1

Building Your Personal Brand: Landing the school choice or career you really want

Presenter: Keegan Korf (OPS)

Keegan Korf has grown up with, and built her career around technology...and she didn't always use it wisely. This talk will provide you with an opportunity to hear advice from an adult who didn't always get it right. She'll provide insight on how to turn your online reputation around if it isn't where you want it to be, specifically addressing three things you can do right now. Finally, you'll have an opportunity to contribute to your online image by creating an about.me page, touting your awesomeness.

*Please bring a laptop to this session.

Session 2

Stand Up & Be Counted

Presenters: Laura Pullen and Stacy Skradski (West)

Let's address some REAL issues that girls in IT are faced with. Using the YouthMAX course created by the John C. Maxwell Team as our foundation along with real life examples and interactive demonstrations, we'll be talking about bullying, failing, self-image and positive character.

Session 3

Navigating a career in technology? It's more than just coding.

Presenters: Dianna Beulke, Deanna Hanes, Kristy Duffy, and Erin Stubbendieck (TD Ameritrade)

The purpose of our discussion is to share the diversity of roles and job activities that are available within technology. We want to raise awareness that technology organizations need a variety of skills beyond the traditional expectations like computer science degrees or strong math and coding skills, and there are many ways to approach finding your niche in technology. The real key is exploring different opportunities

to discover your own strengths and what motivates you

Session 4

Progress Over Perfection

Presenter: Karen Borchert (Flywheel)

If you're a person who strives to accomplish big goals, you know that sometimes, life happens! The goals we set out to accomplish sometimes hit a bump in the road and the result is frustrating imperfection. And it's at just that moment when everyone around you seems to be absolutely crushing it! In this session, we'll talk about the things that make us feel awesome about our goals and how to achieve them without making yourself crazy. Plus, we'll build a cool data visualization' live!

12:15 pm


12:30 pm

Lunch Panel: Leaders at Union Pacific

1:30 - 3:00 pm

Breakout Sessions

Session 1

Coding with Kano

Presenter: Juli Engelsman (IPG)

Join advertising leader IPG in a session where we will build a computer, discuss the key parts, and delve into programming for video games. We will have multiple levels from beginner to advanced, so everyone is welcome. We will be working through the decisions and thought process in game development. We will share projects from Hour of Code, so when you go home, you can keep working and playing.

Session 2

Using Your Power + Privilege

Presenters: Dr. Ferial Pearson she|her|hers

Nikola Halcyone Zaporowski she|her|hers (UNO)

Join Ferial + Nikola examine their intersectional identities and discuss how their personal friendship helps them become better allies and advocates. Explore your own intersecting identities and how to use your Power + Privilege to create inclusive spaces wherever you go!

Session 3

STEMming Girl Power through Strengths

Presenters: Katie Barton & Melissa Moreno (Gallup)

During this session, Executive Technology Directors Katie Barton & Melissa Moreno will discuss the importance of girls in technology and STEM careers. Participants will also have an opportunity to discover more about their innate talents and Strengths and how they can apply those to technology careers.

Session 4

I Model For A Career

Presenter: Harshini Mohan (West)

How does Netflix know exactly what you'd like to watch next? Did you know that Stitch Fix uses algorithms to create a curated box of clothes just for you? Learn real time, fun applications of data analytics and data science.

Fabulous hands-on experiences. I particularly liked the one Breakout session where we got to program our own problem-solving idea using Makey Makey. I love the ability to network and collaborate with other teachers. Sometimes I feel like I am on an island in my school, so being able to work alongside other teacher and UNO professions helps me bridge that gap and give me momentum to bring back to my school. - Teacher
I loved code crush because it was so interactive, and it was about technology. Bioinformatics and Innovation were my favorite workshops by far. Those took a lot of learning which was enjoyable. Going to the apple store, Union Pacific, and the SAC Museum was also so so much fun!! - Student


A big thank you to our sponsors that make CodeCrush a reality. None of this would be possible without donors like you. By making a gift today, your support will help encourage girls to pursue their ambitions and give them the confidence to achieve their dreams. 

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