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Summer Summit 2021

Sorry, this event has been canceled


Maybe you’re in high school, and you're really interested in technology. Or perhaps you’re working in IT and want to learn more about how to diversify the workforce. Or, maybe you’re an educator and want to know how you can encourage a more diverse student base to pursue IT.

Sound like you? Then, the Summit was made just for you.

CodeCrush is excited to invite you to our annual Summer Summit. We’re bringing together the energetic community that is fighting to diversify the IT workforce, and celebrate each other. We’re bringing in national speakers, local heros and a big community of people who all are working towards making technology.

Common Questions

What does it cost?

Free for educators & students

$55 donation for community members

What are the program dates?

Event Canceled for 2021


Scott Conference Center
How many spots?


How do I register?


If you're a high school student registering, please register as a "child."

If you're an adult register, please use the "adult" option.

Are you a business/community member interested in sponsorship? Check out your options.


We're celebrating the amazing community that supports diversity in IT. Whether you're a past applicant or participant of CodeCrush, an educator, a high schooler interested in IT, or a business or individual supporting our efforts - we'd love to see you there!

Students must obtain parental/guardian consent for participation. We welcome all students with an interest in IT.

Agenda - Summer 2020 


10:30 - 11:30 AM 

Opening Speaker
Gail Carmichael 
Technical Educator, RnD Learning 

Gail is a pioneer in computer science education, with a particular focus on empowering women and girls to find their careers in information technology. Join us for a talk about her career at Shopify, and how Gail encourages students in computer science!

1:00 - 2:30 PM

Fighting Microaggressions Through Microresistance
Dr. Ferial Pearson

Through an interactive workshop, participants will learn briefly about what the research says about the impact of microaggressions, what the types of microaggressions are, and will have opportunities to discuss experiences with microaggressive situations. Participants will actively engage in practicing microresistance strategies for addressing behaviors when they occur.


10:30 - 11:30 AM 

Solving Old Problems with New Technology

In this session we will examine typical problems that are encountered with some of our utility products and services.  We will also review the challenges that our customers are facing with environmental conditions as it relates to our product usage. Culminating from the product limitations and usage characteristics we will explore various technology solutions to these challenges and focus on how we leverage drone technology to address them.

1:00 - 2:00 PM

Inquiry and Innovation

Deborah Bicknell 
Seeds of Peace

Explore how your questions can open new pathways of creativity and innovation. We'll dive into the centrality of questions when seeking to initiate change, then we will look at your dreams for the world and how you can take steps towards creating them. 


10:30 - 11:30 AM 

Authentic Leadership
Lianne McNaughton 
Founder, Youth Can Do I.T. 
A conversation about how you can lead at any age by standing in your truth and working in your strengths. 

1:00 - 2:00 PM


Join Gallup in a discussion about finding your individualized strengths and utilizing them in your life. 


10:30 - 11:30 AM 

Lightning Talks

Join our panel from Aviture where they'll talk a little bit about their innovative products, their journey to I.T. and "cool side gigs." 


Mark Griffis, Lynn Griffis, Michelle Weeks, Michelle Vu, Emma LaCroix, Ashley Gregory, Brandon Suponchick 

1:00 - 2:00 PM


Join Gallup in a discussion about finding your individualized strengths and utilizing them in your life. 


10:30 - 11:30 AM 

Closing Speaker 
Maria Telleria  
Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer 

Maria will share her story discovering robotics while fixing things around her house with her dad. This grew to a love of robotics, and co-founding a company in the construction industry. She'll share her thoughts on how robotics hasn't yet lived up to its potential and what's holding robotic systems back. 
Check out this article by Maria.

Fabulous hands-on experiences. I particularly liked the one Breakout session where we got to program our own problem-solving idea using Makey Makey. I love the ability to network and collaborate with other teachers. Sometimes I feel like I am on an island in my school, so being able to work alongside other teacher and UNO professions helps me bridge that gap and give me momentum to bring back to my school. - Teacher
I loved code crush because it was so interactive, and it was about technology. Bioinformatics and Innovation were my favorite workshops by far. Those took a lot of learning which was enjoyable. Going to the apple store, Union Pacific, and the SAC Museum was also so so much fun!! - Student


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