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About CodeCrush

Launched in 2013, CodeCrush has grown to be the largest iSTEM immersion experience for girls and their teachers in the Midwest. CodeCrush is an initiative of the University of Nebraska at Omaha College of Information Science and Technology?s Women in IT Initiative, a community-run task force built to increase the number of women entering the IT workforce.

We know diversity helps teams be better. When all voices are at the table, teams are more innovative, ask more questions, and produce better products that answer these questions. CodeCrush is more than helping girls find their place in IT, it?s ensuring that IT works to be the most innovative industry it can while empowering an entire community to be advocates for comprehensive computer science education in their classrooms.

Through a generous grant from the Peter Kiewit Foundation, CodeCrush hosts two immersion programs a year and a culminating summer summit. Through building a community of students, teachers, mentors and role models, CodeCrush works to bring more diversity to the IT landscape and empower everyone to close the IT gender gap.

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Not only is she excited and motivated to tell others and even likely to choose IT in her career path, but her energy and enthusiasm will help push me and other teachers to incorporate more and look for opportunities to get students hands on IT.
I made a lot of new friends. It was also cool seeing all the different careers and possibilities that are available for me in the future through IT. I've seen a whole new world that could now end up being what my life becomes. Overall, it was easily the best experience I've ever had so far.